Cannot find how to get add-ons

Hello please help! I start medical school and two day and am panicking. I cannot find how to get add-ones to my account. I know to get add-on I have to go through “tools”, but I cannot find a tool section on my Anki. I have tried it on the Ankiweb, iPhone app, ipad, laptop (everything Mac though) and have read so many forums, reddits, and watched YouTube’s. I’m attaching a photo of what my desk looks like on Anki

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Add-ons are only available for the desktop version of anki. If you don’t find the “tools” button, you can also access the add-on section with a keyboard shortcut. For Windows and Linux this is Ctrl + Shift + a. For mac i think it is ⇧ + ⌘ + a

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