Cannot find toolbar for add ons

I have a lenovo so i have downloaded the windows app of Anki. I am trying to find the tool bar to add my add-ons but its literally no where to be found. I tried deleting and redownloading the app, tried the Alt + T and Ctrl + T. If I cannot find this tool bar to do add ons I don’t think I can use anki because its so confusing

It is a menu entry (Tools → Add-ons), not part of some tool bar.

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Could you clarify your response here? I am having the same problem. There is no “Tools” anywhere in the Windows desktop app that I can find, whether in a menu or the settings or anywhere else. Thanks.

Could you please provide a screenshot of your main view (after starting Anki)?

Oh, I had downloaded an incorrect version of the app. Now I have the correct version and I see how to add add-ons. However, the one that I’m supposed to add (1594232691) doesn’t seem to be there.

I’m trying to get another person’s deck to work, but instead I get an error about a Reference field that doesn’t exist.

I’m new to this app, so I’ll keep working on it. Any advice is appreciated.


TagSelectorV2 is not compatible with newer Anki versions like the one you likely downloaded (and should use!). This happens from time to time.

Feel free opening a new issue on the forum.