Why doesn't the full Anki Tool bar show up? Install Add-on?

Hello, I am trying to add a Technical/Engineering German deck + audio. I know I need to install an add-on, but only a limited Anki Toolbar shows up. It shows “AnkiApp & Edit & View” at the top of the app. That’s it. How can I see a full Toolbar?

I’ve been using Anki (Mac-laptop) for less than a month. I’ve added many decks, but this is my first deck that I want to make/create myself.


Are you using Anki or Ankiapp?



“AnkiApp!” Damnit to hell… Apologies! I am a new user, didn’t know that I wasn’t in Anki. Now I am using Anki!
Thanks for your response and letting me know, saved me a lot of time and many headaches!


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Consider leaving a review on the app store alerting people to the fact that AnkiApp is not connected to Anki :wink:

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