Heatmap add-on calender mode and color scheme error

When i try to change the color scheme or the caleder mode on the heatmap and press ok to finalize the changes this message pops on

I’ve searched on Google about this didn’t find a thing what’ could i do to fix it

Have you updated Anki since last changing that color scheme? If so, do you use the newest version of review heatmap available at: https://github.com/glutanimate/review-heatmap/releases ?
I remember a very similar error. It was fixed with the new version.


Thanks for chiming in @p4nix! Yep, upgrading to v1.0.0 should fix this error (which is present on Anki versions 2.1.24 and up).

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thanks so much @p4nix i’ve upgraded it to v1.0.0 the latest of glutanimate and it is fixed