Anki homescreen font unable to be changed; heat map shows up as unloaded images

I am unable to change the font color of the homescreen (where all deck names are visible) from black. I have a dark background and cannot see black font. This happened right after downloading Anki 2.1.54, the latest update. I have searched the internet thoroughly and no one seems to be having this same problem. Also after downloading the new Anki update, the heatmap is showing up as “unloaded images” (see below).

I have no problem changing the font type, size, and color of specific decks of cards, but have not had any success changing the font COLOR of the homescreen. And I am completely lost as to how to fix the heatmap.

For Review Heatmap, please uninstall the version you currently have installed by heading to ToolsAdd-ons (it could be listed as “Review Heatmap”, “Heatmap”, “ReviewHeatmap”, or something similar). Then proceed to install the official version of the add-on from here: Review Heatmap - AnkiWeb


Thank you, it worked to restore the heat map! Do you have any tips as to how to change the homepage font color?

Check anki ReColor

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