Override my laptop deck w/my phone deck


Somehow I messed up my laptop deck (unclosed my cloze), and it got worse from there. Now, I just want to force my laptop to sync to my phone anki. How can I do that? Let my my phone deck overwrite my laptop deck?

Thank you!

Not sure if you’re using AnkiDroid or AnkiMobile, but the procedure should be similar.

First, make a backup of your collection by exporting it from your phone (AnkiDroid or AnkiMobile).

Then, you can just sync to AnkiWeb from your phone and choose to upload your collection to AnkiWeb. Then sync your laptop Anki and select to download your collection from AnkiWeb.

If that doesn’t work, or if you don’t want to use the sync method for any reason, just copy the backup you made to your laptop and import it into Anki. It will replace your laptop collection.


Thank you!

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