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Online Backup Restore -- Accidentally Deleted Media?

I recently reinstalled my phone’s OS. Then I restored from Ankiweb and experimented with moving my collection onto an external SD. In the process I deleted a lot and had Ankidroid update the media on Ankiweb several times, apparently removing a couple thousand media files from Ankiweb when I thought it would be downloading them instead.
Could you restore my collection to a backup from before July 3rd? I’ll be sure to export my whole collection and store in Google Drive to keep it safe next time.

I have restored your recently deleted media - it should download the next time you sync.


Thanks a bunch!

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Hi there, I have a similar problem.
I deleted one of my decks, used “check media” and selected delete unused data. After that I managed to restore my deck via local backups, but there are no media (which are very important for this specific deck).
Is there a way for me to restore the deleted media as well?
PS: I also emptied the trash folder, so practically there is no media file available locally!

I have restored the 26 files that were deleted from your AnkiWeb collection in the last month. They will automatically download the next time you sync. You had a lot more files deleted last year, but they are no longer recoverable.

If anyone else needs their media restored in the future, please post a private request on

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Thank you so much :pray:t2:
That was exactly what I was looking for!