I was wondering if there was a way to restore my file. I accidentally deleted over 6,000 media files this morning.

Here is the story: my media files this morning were not displaying on Ankidroid or Ankiweb. Syncing didn’t help. However, the media files that were not displaying were still in the file on my phone.

I decided to do Check media. It prompted me to delete the unused files, which I did. Unfortunately, those unused files were very much used, but just not working in my Anki cards for some reason.

I know I should have been smarter and put two and two together. However, what’s done is done, and now I am wondering if there is any way I could restore my file from earlier this morning when it still had all the files. I wonder if @dae could help.

If those media files weren’t yet synced to AnkiWeb – I don’t think @dae will be able to do much for you. He’ll be able to say if there was anything there that he can restore.

While you’re waiting –

  • Have you looked at your phone to see if it has the ability to restore recently deleted files? If they are stored in some sort of “trash” folder, they could be recoverable.
  • Did the media come from shared decks that you’d imported? That’s a quick way to replace the missing media.

I have restored the media files recently deleted from your AnkiWeb account. They’ll automatically download on the next sync.

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