Accidently deleted my collection media folder on pc

Good evening all,

I accidently deleted a big amount of data from my folder on my computer. This due to a wrong backup-sync settup (swapping destination and source folder). About 50.000 files(If I can estimate) for several languages are gone.

I tried to force upload my images from my phone / tablet. However when saying sync was gone, also these devices say that images are missing.

Is there a way to get my old folder back? This happened today, so I really hope you guys could restore the data somewhere for me.

Thanks a lot in advance , hopefully you guys can restore it from the Anki-server.

Kind regards,


Yeah, I had a similar problem, where all the media files apparently vanished from my son’s phone.

I took a backup from the Anki folder (unfortunately the program folder, I should probably have looked up where it stores the data :frowning: ) and tried to restore things by syncing with my PC. Unfortunately that only led to deleting the files from PC too, which is when I found out i had saved the wrong folder.

Long story short, ALL media files seem to be gone from both locations.

Is there any way left to restore them? I read somewhere it’s possible from backups.
If so you’d probably need my son’s AnkiWeb login?

Dear Fela,

I just checked the forums and saw that the administrators sometimes are able to restore the data. I also found out one can make a private request, which I have done.

Hopefully the Anki support team can be of any help with the issue and help your son too.

Have a good evening.

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Thanks for the heads up, now I just need to find out how to contact these guys ;).

At least I found out now what caused the loss. The wife used the ‘transfer pictures’ function of the phone when connecting to my son’s PC and apparently that abomination just pulls every picture it can find from the phone and deletes them (if you confirm the prompt).

I managed to restore most of them from that copy now, but weirdly, some are still missing.

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Dear Fela,

To contact I believe you have to take the following steps:

Make an account on: Welcome - AnkiMobile/AnkiWeb Support
Press button; start a discussion -> check box private.
Give as much detailed info as possible (which date was it removed, what is the user account name , which date would you like it to be restored to.)

Hope this helps.


Hi Hajo,

as far as i can see that place is only for iPhone users.

Ankidroid specifically refers to this forum for problems not restricted to Android. IMO a backup from AnkiWeb’s saves is not an Android issue.

Hajokok is correct, please post a private message on the site they linked to.