Foolishly deleted all of my media to clear up space

Please help!

After a few minutes of searching, I think my only hope of recovering media is through the AnkiWeb backups, CMIIW.

It’s pretty much the title. My laptop has low storage so I couldn’t help delete the 100+ mb of files in the folder. I realize that was a mistake, so I’m wondering if there’s a backup somewhere? Would appreciate any help.

If you haven’t synced already:

Otherwise, if you got AnkiDroid or AnkiMobile, you could force the sync from there to your laptop.


Unfortunately, my AnkiDroid is already synced… I actually first saw that something was wrong with the media using AnkiDroid.

Did you test whether the media is still showing on your cards when you review them on AnkiWeb?

In case the media is gone, as a last resort you could write a private request to Damien, since he probably has the power to recover your media.

They’re not showing on AnkiWeb either so I will try requesting. Thank you!

Hey @kleinerpirat, so sorry for inconveniencing you. How do I write a private request to Damien? I feel like I’m missing something here.

I have restored your media, it should automatically download on the next sync. Future people with the same issue, please post on


I posted on the site but couldnt really get around it well. But thats mostly on my part. Thank you so much!!

I’ve same problem . please help me

See above: