Please, help me to recover lost media files ! 😱


Such a bad dream ! :scream:

Today at around 3 pm, I have clicked on “checked the media” using Anki. And I don’t know why, but thousands of signing language videos I edited and added myself on a private deck… have disappeared now!

And of course, because after having removed those media it automatically synced (set by default when I close Anki app) with AnkiWeb, and in a second time automatically autosyncing on AnkiDroid, I lost those files everywhere, as I check it :

  • onto the Ankidroid folder;
  • onto the Ubuntu folder.
  • any of the removed files appear into my bin…

Then, being desperate, I was looking for a salvat…solution on the web, seeing on this page:

“If you are unable to recover your media from any of your devices, we may be able to restore it from AnkiWeb’s backups for you if it was deleted recently.”

Can you help me to recover all lost files?

I had something like ≈ 117.000 media files (and now only ≈104.000).

Thanks a million for your help!

Have you checked your “regular” backups? AnkiWeb backups can only be retrieved by gently asking @dae to see if there are any.

Thank you BlackBeans for your answer.

Yes, I have checked in my backup folders in Anki (Ubuntu) and AnkiDroid. Any of them reload lost media files.

There is only the “media.trash” PC folder that let me recover only 10% of lost files (I don’t know why more).

But such kind of “media.trash” folder or equivalent doesn’t seem to exist anywhere in internal or external /Android/data/ folders for AnkiDroid.

Ok, thanks for your tip, I’ll contact Damien Elmes the most gently possible :slight_smile:

Have a good day!


I can only see 5 deleted files in your AnkiWeb account over the last month. So either the files were deleted before you synced them to AnkiWeb (ie, you never uploaded them), or you have already restored all the files and synced them back to AnkiWeb.

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Hello Damien,

Thanks for your feedback.
OK, well it means the files I lost are many videos in .mp4 files that haven’t synced to Ankiweb since months and months and I don’t know why.
I use those files in my cards with (in html) for example :

<video muted="" autoplay="" loop="" width="400" height="300" controls=""><source src="471093Monacostsksf.mp4"></video>

Media syncing doesn’t look at the content of your cards. As long as those files were not 0 bytes large, they should have been synced if media syncing completed successfully.


I think I understood the very issue:

When I create/edit cards on Ankidroid: mp4 videos added to cards and imported into folder (as a jpg picture, or a mp3 sound for example) never sync in the Anki PC folder.

And vice versa when I edit card adding video files with Anki PC.

So sad…

Is there a bypass?


Unless the files are over 100MB (which is not supported), it sounds like an AnkiDroid bug.

For editing, see Syncing with AnkiWeb - Anki Manual