Restore deleted media

i have synced once then all media files r not available after sync
can u please restore missing media

If you’ve only synced once, it’s likely the files are just not there yet – Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions – and you should keep trying.

What makes you think you deleted them on AnkiWeb? Are the files still there in your Anki Desktop?

after i clicked sync in ankidroid ( where media files were is not fully downloaded ) then i tried to sync in {after new install } anki desktop it showed sync completed but media is missing
sync completed but media is missing

If the files started on your Android device, and you’ve only synced once to your new install of Anki Desktop, then there’s no way that 90K+ files made it in the first sync.

“Collection sync complete” is letting you know that your card data and review history is in sync, but your media is not done yet (as you can see in the FAQ I posted). When the sync times out, it will pick up where it left off the next time you sync, and get a little further each time.

I initially synchronized my entire Anki collection, including all media files, to AnkiWeb. Unfortunately, I then uninstalled Anki from both my desktop and Android device . but I mistakenly uploaded a partial collection again from my Android device Which does not have media files …now i m attempting to resynchronize my collection to my desktop, the image files are not appearing So now I don’t have any backup of that… so can you please restore collection from ankiweb

Uninstalling AnkiDroid probably didn’t remove your data (depends on version) and uninstalling Desktop definitely didn’t. Your best bet is going to be restoring an automatic backup on one of your devices – Restoring an Automatic Backup (Recovering from Data Loss) - Frequently Asked Questions . [Restoring a server-side backup on AnkiWeb is sometimes possible, but never preferable.]

How long ago did you uninstall Anki from your devices? Which device had the most recent/updated version of your collection? Let’s start there.

i already checked for backup but no luck …i checked in android n pc but no media files were there …n mistakenly i have synced collection without media files …so can u restore server side backup so i can download that again …i saw many posts where they did same mistake n …then Damien Elmes he did server side restore so can u do that …i checked for backup in local pc and android but not there

When @dae sees these messages, he’ll be able to check if a backup is available to restore.

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thank you for ur time :heart: @Danika_Dakika

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I have restored your recently-deleted media. It will download the next time you sync.

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