Lost all my collection.media (⁨9736⁩) Files

I opened Anki today to see that I have lost my whole media collection. It is empty on the Desktop and on the Phone. I tried everything today for 4-5 hours to find a solution? Is there a way you could restore my data? Please, I’m begging you. Its 5-6 years of work.

Its ⁨9736⁩ files.

regards, Misha

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I would suggest your first resort is to restore from a backup. Anki saves the last 30 backups by default. See here:


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My collection.media folder will still be empty, even after doing a backup. When I try to import the same deck again to get the images and sounds, the folder will still be empty.

I posted on the tenderapp site but no one is answering. I am missing ⁨9736⁩ media items I accidently seem to have deleted. Could you help me out?

I have restored your recently deleted media, and it should download on the next sync. You should make your own backups in the future, and be more patient when you ask for free help.

And to anyone else who stumbles across this thread, please see Online Backup Restore -- Accidentally Deleted Media? - #5 by dae