Notifications not working on iOS

For some reason, I have not gotten a single notification when I choose any type of difficulty at the bottom of answering a question. I have an iphone 14 pro, the app is updated, I have notifications on for the settings in iOS, and yet not a single notification. I also have it running in the background without force shutting it since I saw that brought up here in another thread. What’s going on?

There are two types of notifications:

  • a badge on the app icon that updates at the start of the day to show how many review cards are waiting
  • a pop-up that appears at a configured time of day to tell you how many review cards are waiting

The former requires badges to be enabled, and the latter lock screen/notification center/banners. If you’ve confirmed they’re all on, please go into AnkiMobile’s notification settings screen and try turning the option(s) off and then on again. If problems persist, please leave the app on a screen other than the deck list. If you find notifications have not appeared the next day, please open the app, and see if you still see that screen, or the deck list screen instead. If it’s the latter, it means the app has been closed by iOS.

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