iOS notifications not working

Hi there,

I have the iOS version of the app (version 24.04), and I’m quite upset that app notifications are not working properly:

  • The notification count on the app logo is updating only if I remove/readd the app on the screen, or if I do a drag’n’drop.
  • I have also never received any reminder so far (notification center, banner, etc.).

Thus, I always I have to manually open the app everyday to check if I have a card to work on.

Otherwise, great app, great tool! 5/5

Thanks a lot.

Is it possible that you’re force-closing the app? If you do that, it will prevent AnkiMobile from being able to schedule the notifications in the background.

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I always close any app after using it, and I don’t have any notification issue (I also used to do this when I was using an Android phone in the past, and everything worked well). But if Anki needs to be always opened for this to work, then I’ll keep that in mind thanks.

Anyway, I think it is working, but i’ll let a couple of days to pass, to be sure.

Thanks for you quick answer!

Please note that on that page, Apple recommend only closing apps if they get stuck. AnkiMobile needs to be able to run in the background, because it’s an offline-first application: it needs to work even if you don’t have internet access. Most apps that show notifications do so because they get a message from the internet, and in that case, the app doesn’t need to be running at the time.

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Thanks, that was actually my problem. It works like a charm!

Reviving this to ask a related, but slightly different, question.

Generally about how notifications are expected to work: I just created some notes got a couple wrong, they’re now due in an hour. I feel like I should get a notification in one hour (ie. When they’re due), but this doesn’t seem to be happening. Does Anki only send notifications once at the start of the day (honestly, I don’t recall ever even seeing an Anki notification).

I don’t force-close the app. I have notifications turned on. But I don’t seem to get any notifications. My Anki mobile version is 24.04 (iOS). Screenshots of the settings attached.

The badge is updated each time you leave the app. The reminder only appears at the configured time of day. A reminder when the next learning card becomes due has been requested before, and is on the todo list.


Yea I’ve never even gotten the reminder. The only thing I’ve ever seen is the badge. I just tried deleting the app, reinstalling, turning on notifications again … nothing.

Do you have review cards waiting? If you leave AnkiMobile on a screen like the study screen, when you return to it the next day, has it returned you to the deck list? That implies the app has been closed, which could happen if other apps on your device had taken up a lot of memory, and iOS wanted to free up some.

Are review cards green (top number) or blue (bottom number)? I’d technically have both.

I never leave it on the Study Screen. But I also tried closing out every other app except Anki and I still didn’t get a notification.

The green number show in the study screen. In the deck list, the green number includes the red cards as well.

Please try leaving it on the study screen, so you can confirm the next day whether AnkiMobile has been closed by iOS.