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Notification Bug IOS AnkiMobile 2.0.79 (20079.1)

The Anki card notifications seem to be bugged on IOS. They would show the notifications after I completed all cards. They would only go away if I synced multiple times on the app.

Anyone have this same issue? 2.0.79

Can you reproduce the problem on the latest AnkiMobile version?

New version fixed!


I think completing cards from different device then syncing causes issues (2.0.80).

EDIT: There is a few minutes delay but the badge is gone now. Partially fixed I think

Apple approved 2.0.81 today, so there is now another version in the app store for you to test with. The badge should be updated each time you return to the iOS home screen, but it will not happen if you tap on sync and leave the app without waiting for the sync to complete.

Thanks. It works more often now.

Nevermind, the issue isn’t fixed. I still get false notifications from time to time.

By “false notifications”, I presume you mean “the number shows the old value, and does not update based on my recent changes”? If so, is there some pattern to when it is occurring? What are you doing just before returning to the iOS home screen?

It rarely works if I don’t change the organization of the deck folders, but when I collapse/uncollapse a deck folder to show/hide decks within the folder and keep it in that changed state, the notifications disappear and then I can return the folder to the collapse state - I always sync the collection before going to the home screen.

This seems like a simple fix because one can clearly find the number of new/reviewing cards for every given interval and just base it off of that, no? I don’t see why it needs to be more complicated than that.

I can’t seem to reproduce this. If I review a card so that the due count goes down, then return to the iOS home screen, the count updates after a few seconds. I repeat the process multiple times, but each time the count reduces. When you follow those steps, do you see the count reduce each time?

I believe it doesn’t, but I don’t know if it has to do with the way I study. I study quickly, though. I have a deck called “All Decks” which contains all the cards I study. After I’ve finished, I immediately synchronize and then exit the app by swiping it out.

I will try your strategy, but just a suggestion for the developers to just update it based on the amount due in the app, doesn’t have to be more complicated I feel.