2.0.71 Language miss and badge not correct

Hi there,

I update the iOS version to 2.0.71 and suddenly find the app interface language changed to English (used Simplified Chinese before) and the badge appears to the number that doesn’t represent my desks’ today aim.

I checked the preferred language setting in the app inside the system settings and it is correct.

iOS system version is 14.4.

Thanks for letting me know - I am sending a fix for the translation issue to Apple now.

I can’t reproduce the problem with the due badge counts though. Does turning the setting off in AnkiMobile’s Preferences>Review>Notifications screen, then turning it back on again help?

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Spanish is missing too with 2.0.71. I also have the same problem with the badge number. Turning the setting off and then turning it back again does not work.

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Thanks, reproduced after adding more decks. Will get this fixed too - Apple should hopefully have it approved in about 24-48 hours.


Got it. Thanks for the quick fix! :kissing_heart:

@dae there’s something strange in the last update. Some decks from the iOS version (2.0.72) have different settings compare to the desktop version (2.1.39). The desktop Anki show me 588 cards to do today meanwhile the last iOS show 632 cards to do. Force synchronization does not help.

This isn’t a bug - the upcoming desktop release tweaks the handling of parent limits in the 2.1 scheduler, and AnkiMobile and AnkiWeb have been updated to match it. The latest 2.1.41 beta is expected to be released without changes as stable tomorrow, so you can grab it now if you’d like: https://betas.ankiweb.net/

I’ll update the change notes tomorrow to explain the change in a bit more detail.