Add notification + badge (background refresh?)

@dae is there any way to get a notification built in to the AnkiMobile app? Right now my badge with how many cards due only refreshes if I open the app. I’ve talked with a few people about this and we all agree it would be really nice if it background refreshed every 30 min or something and if there were new cards due, it sent a notification on the phone that said there are cards due. That way when I finish a study session I can go off and do something else and then in 15-30 min (depending on step settings) I would get a notification that it’s time to review those cards I had gotten wrong. A background refresh with the badge would be nice, but a notification would be nicer if possible


iOS doesn’t allow regular apps to run in the background, so any notifications need to be calculated in advance. ‘Checking’ every 30 minutes would lead to an unwieldy number of timers, but we could perhaps add an option to alert after a configurable delay if there are learning cards pending. I’ll keep an eye on demand for this, and hopefully find time for it in the future.

Can it not function as an email or message type of notification? I get notifications from all sorts of apps (i.e. What’s app, Spark email, Slack, banking apps, movie theatre apps, and many that I don’t want notifications from…). I have plenty of apps that also will change the badge count without me ever opening the app (i.e. Daddy Up, CVS, Doximity).

I don’t understand what iOS does and doesn’t allow, but if there’s a way to make something work it’d be really helpful

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AnkiMobile is an offline-first app, so it must be able to function with only the data that is on the device. Most apps that send notifications rely on events being pushed by an external server, instead of them being created based on local data.

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I see. So there’s no way upon switching apps to have Anki run in the background and check if a card is due? For example, if I set a notification timer for 30 min, when I switch apps Anki would start the 30 min countdown if I still had any cards due or any cards in learning that will be due soon?

I suppose it’d be best to ask - what options for notifications DO you have? I can brainstorm some creative ways to use them…

Ideally if a card goes into learning/relearning and step is 15 min, it would start a 15 min timer if the app is closed (or not the front app), then send a notification/prompt that card(s) is/are due. Or refresh the badge if that’s all that’s possible. If nothing like that is possible, we can brainstorm other ideas

As mentioned above, it can be accomplished by calculating the due cards in advance, and scheduling a timer for later.

So essentially there would be an option for the user (I.e. I set 30 minutes) and then it would alert me if there were any cards due at that point but if not it would just stay silent?

That alone would be amazing if possible

It would be awesome if you can add this!
Android app has it but I don’t have it for my iPad

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Yes, that’s what I had in mind.

That would be awesome if you’re up for it. I know many people that would love that. (I’ll see if I can get some to share on here so you don’t just have to take my word for it)

This would be a really great feature to add!

Would be an awesome feature to add. A notification or atleast a badge of number of pending reviews is something I’d really love!

That would be very useful!!

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