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Feedback after two weeks of using the iOS app daily

First, let me thank you for creating Anki and the whole infrastructure, I happily paid for the iOS app.

I’ve used the iOS app for 2-3 weeks now and am satisfied with its features and stability.

There are two things that could be improved, maybe:

When I have a review session, I’m done at some point. But not for the day. However I cannot schedule an Anki notification for the same day depending on the pending reviews.
The web versions at least tells me there is some more due today but the app doesn’t. For a card that’s only a few minutes away it would be great to get an optional reminder/notification about it. At my current desk, the spaced repetition difference can be between 10m and the next day’s notification. Currently I’ll just reopen the app manually at some point because I know there might be something.
By the way, I only found the notification setting by instance, maybe it should be on by default?

Another thing is statistics, I always view the whole collection, not only the current deck, so I always have to switch that radio button at top when opening statistics. I wonder if it’s an option to change the behavior to select the latest choice.

That’s it for now :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the feedback!

The congratulation screen should be telling you when the next learning card is due - are you saying it’s not showing that in your case?

The notification option is intended for users who want a daily reminder to study at a particular time of day - it’s basically just a timer/reminder for those who need it.

Statistics default to the current deck because it can be considerably faster to show than the entire collection. But you’re not the first person to request this, and the option may be made sticky in a future update.

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Thank you for your reply.

When starting the app, I’m getting an overview of my decks with the numbers of learning/review cards. It’s the equivalent of what I see online under /decks (i.e., Account Login - AnkiWeb)

I don’t remember seeing a “page” where it tells me home much more is due today or even in what time. For me, only the statistics page shows that info. I’m wondering if I’m missing something. Unfortunately, for today there are no due cards. I can provide screenshots or maybe even screen recording if that helps.

Regarding the notification, I thought that in the spirit of spaced repetition it would be nice to get notified once a card is do, especially since the initial intervals are rather short, differing in minute. I was thinking it would be great to get reminded at that point instead of setting an inner timer myself or waiting til the next day. It’s not critical though.

In the statistics my first tap is always to the “collection” radio button if it isn’t already checked. I understand the performance concern but will welcome a configuration option for it. :slight_smile:

When you’ve finished all the available cards in a deck, the “Congratulations!” screen should appear. If any other learning cards in the deck are due later in the day, the time of the next learning card and how many are remaining should be shown there.

Anki’s default settings are a 20 minute “learn ahead limit” and a 10 minute delay, which effectively means there is no waiting around required at the end of a session - cards may be shown early so that you can finish the session in one go. Waiting the full delay may be slightly preferable from a memory perspective, but that needs to be balanced against the inconvenience of having to check back later, and not being able to totally focus on your next task until the study is done.

I have had a close look at this and you’re right, there is the “Congratulations” screen, and in case there are cards left for the day, the time and remaining cards are shown. Don’t know how I overlooked that.

Good info about the “learn ahead limit” :point_up: However I think I didn’t change it and it was set to 0 in my app, which is OK for me. I can’t say for sure that I didn’t change the initial value though.

The default has always been 20 minutes as far as I recall, so perhaps you changed it in the past and forgot?