New iOS install seems to reverse cards (Resolved - was user error)

I am an Anki newbie, so I’d be very happy to be set straight.

What I’m seeing is - on both imported decks and a very simple 2-note deck I created - that the iOS version is showing cards in reverse order from the Mac OS version. I’ve got current versions of both.

So to be clear - I have a simple deck with “Front” containing French, and “Back” containing English - and on the desktop preview (and study) shows the French first, and the English as the answer - and on my iPad, it shows the English as the question, and the French as the answer.

I think I figured out what the issue was.

  1. in one case, I was looking at a deck that had both front and back cards, so I was sometimes seeing one versus the other (working as designed)
  2. in another case, it wasn’t an issue with order - I was confused with why editing the cards for a deck on the Mac didn’t seem to change them for iOS - but there was no inconsistency, the changes weren’t showing on the Mac either. Something I don’t understand in terms of a difference between editing the card from the browser, vs editing a card in the middle of studying it (the latter worked, the former did not - maybe it’s because of this being a child deck)
  3. in the last case - my own super small deck - the order was fine - I was confused why the sound was not autoplaying on the front. Enabling the button Preferences->Review->Always Duck + Ignore Mute actually solved the “issue”

So all in all - user confusion exacerbated by my excitement in getting rolling on Italian/French study in Anki. All is well now :wink:


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