Charging card deck order to match another deck

I am using two decks - 4000 German words and top 5000 Spanish words. My Spanish deck goes Spanish then English then English and Spanish (immediately) and I love it. My German deck is English then German. It looks like later on it will go German to English.

But I want it to match how my Spanish deck does it, since I’m learning faster/better with the format of my Spanish deck.

I didn’t change anything in my German deck; it’s been in this order since I started with it.

Here are some pics of the fields and my decks. I’ve tried to look this up before but the videos/tips were for previous anki versions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Please see the latter part of

Thank you! This did the trick. But even after I make this change, it doesn’t save it. When I close the app, the pop will show that it’s syncing. But then when I open the app the next day, I have to reposition it.

Any thoughts?

Maybe you had pending changes on another device that overwrote your changes? Can you reproduce the problem by taking the same steps again?

I don’t use Anki on another device. And it happened again today. I had to go in and reposition the cards like the video explained

Looking at your AnkiWeb collection, the forward and reverse cards for each note have the same due number, so it looks like your changes have persisted?

Yup, I realized I was closing the app too soon before it saved, oops! Thank you so much for your help!!!