Anki (iPhone): order of new cards by date/time created

I’ve been using Anki on my iPhone to learn for school. It worked great for 3 months - I would study NEW cards in the order I created them, since I would add cards all day then learn them at night, then the next day the REVIEW cards would be in random order. Perfect.

2-3 days ago the App updated, and now I see new cards in the opposite order - the ones I just entered appear first. This isn’t great as the order of the content matters - the later stuff is more advanced on a topic than the first cards. So learning the opposite way is impossible.

Is there a way to reverse this? I really want to fix this. Thank you.


You appear to have your deck options set to show new cards in random order. If you change them back to show cards in order added (gear/cog in the study screen, then Study Options), it will change the cards to show them in the order you added them.