iPhone introduce new cards in random order


first of all, thanks for your great work, I am a big fan!
I ran into the following problem: I recently created a large number of new cards that I slowly want to introduce in my learning process. However, on top of that I also regularly add new cards for things that just come up.
On the desktop version, I set the option New Cards > Insertion order to Random which works fine.
However, I mostly review cards with anki through my phone and here, the new cards are always the latest cards I added (I normally add cards on the desktop) but I would like it to randomly select new cards as well.
But I can’t find an option for this in the app and it seems like it doesn’t synch the preference from the desktop version. Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks a lot and best wishes!!

If you’re using recent versions of both desktop and AnkiMobile, the options should be the same. The deck options can be accessed in AnkiMobile by tapping on the gear/cog, then “Study Options”. You may also want to consider switching to the latest scheduler, as then you can adjust the new card order in the separate ‘display order’ section.


Indeed, I wasn’t aware that I was using an old desktop version and updating fixed the problem. Thanks a lot for the fast response! Great work!

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