Changing order/position of new cards within iOS/iPadOS

I really don’t know how to find an answer to this other than here.

I want to add cards, and have them be as “new cards”. But I want them to be queued to the first position. currently my new cards are put to position #1040400… in other words: last.

going into the search menu (b shortkey) and selecting actions, i can set their review date as “0=today”… but that removes them from the “new cards” status and they are simply included into my standard reviews instead. which is not what I want.

I know how to do it on Desktop, but on iPad i can’t find a way to do it.

TL;dr: make new card → have it be the “first new card” (on iPad/iPhone)

Edit: its pretty easy on Android. I just tried. But I am using my ipad for making new cards.
And I am pretty sure i was able to do it on ipad as well back then.

This is not currently possible in AnkiMobile, but is on the todo list to implement.

This should be in the next beta, in addition to a probable fix for the line deleting issue you were experiencing.