Add more cards, cursor position

Could you change the iOS code so the caret position for adding new cards, amount, is always far right, sometimes it goes to the left of a single value and with smaller screen sizes it’s hard to poke in the far right caret position to delete and add a new value, thx?

Added to the todo list, thanks.

So, this turns out to be trickier than expected. We don’t want to remove the user’s ability to change the cursor position, and there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to distinguish the initial cursor movement/placement from subsequent taps.

Interestingly, the difficulty in tapping at the start only seems to happen after the field is focused - if while it’s not focused, you tap to the right of the number, it seems to consistently focus there.

Not focusing is fine as a workaround. I wonder if this is a Qt issue?

This is the native iOS APIs - AnkiMobile doesn’t use Qt.

Oh OK.