Don’t capitalize first letter when I enter a new word for a card

Hi. Is it possible to keep the first letter lower case by default when I add a new card on AnkiMobile on iOS?
Right now I have to tap the shift button every time to go to lower case and it’s very annoying. Is there some option in Settings or can you add it please?

This behaviour is controlled by your keyboard and you might be able to disable auto capitalisation in its options. This will most likely affect every app in which you use the keyboard, though.

I’m afraid the WYSIWYG editing tools we use from iOS do not currently support customizing this behaviour.

Thanks for the reply. Such a pity!

I’m an iOS developer in the past.
I can only imagine this can happen if you have some super custom keyboard interaction in that component.

There is a big chance that WYSIWYG 3rd party library will render a standard UITextView or UITextField which implements protocol. So if 3rd party library doesn’t provide an access to the field itself, it’s still possible to find it in the view hierarchy of the control by iterating through the children and then change the property. Or if the library provides an access to the field, then it’s of course possible to do it directly. Another case I can imagine that the field is there, but it’s hidden and the library renders custom text with CoreText or smth. But again then it’s possible to find the native iOS field component in the hierarchy. I won’t say I know iOS API inside and out, maybe it’s possible to provide a keyboard input without using a standard UI and do everything super custom, but I’d check.

The text fields are implemented using WKWebview and contentEditable fields, so that multimedia elements can be included. Apple unfortunately do not currently support controlling the behaviour inside contentEditable fields.

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I see. Thanks for explaining. :pray: