Need help with autocorrect

Hello! Does anyone here know why Anki turns off autocorrect on iPhone? I just got the app on my iphone (after using it on android before) and the autocorrect does not activate. I can’t seem to find where to turn it on (autocorrect works just fine everywhere else).

I can’t reproduce this - when I make a typo into the edit screen of AnkiMobile, the word gets automatically corrected.

Hm where do you think the problem is located? In the anki app or in the iphone system? So just to be clear, when you are writing answers in anki, you still get word suggestions and spellcheck?

Also, i don’t mean in the edit screen. I mean when you actually type the answer (i made some question that you need to write the answer). It works for me aswell in the edit screen

Autocorrect is disabled on the type-in-the-answer field, since you’re not really testing your ability to spell the word if the device corrects it for you. If you just want to confirm you remembered the word in question, I’d recommend you either a) rate the card as correct when you make a typo, or b) just say the word out loud prior to answering the card, instead of typing it in, as doing so will allow you to get through cards considerably faster.