Anki always closes keyboard when switching apps

I’m learning Japanese and often I’m switching back and forth between another app to copy sentences back into Anki and it makes the process a bit slower. In the time it takes to retap the field I was typing in and readjust the cursor, I often forget the words I’m holding in my head, which is frustrating when it happens.

I know that in older versions of the app (more than a year old I think?) the keyboard stayed active. Can you change it so the keyboard stays open like it used to?

If I recall correctly, the focus handling had to change when migrating to Apple’s newer web toolkit. There may be a way to work around it; I’ll add it to the todo list to look into.

Cool, thank you for putting it on your todo list! I have other apps that still keep the keyboard open, so hopefully there’s a fix that isn’t too much of a hassle. :)