Anki glitch deleting last words

Whenever I make cards on my ipad, it deletes last few words of some random cards or has no answer at all if its short
Really annoying when I review them and there’s no answer
Has anyone else had this problem and/or know how to fix it ?

If you open the editing screen on such a card, is text missing from that screen too? Are you using an external keyboard to add the cards? Are you using a shortcut key to add them?

Say I type up an Anki card and add it really quickly. Often times, the last thing I type gets cut off from the final result.

There was another report of this a few days ago, so this may be a regression. I’ll move your post to the previous report; if you could answer the questions I posted there, that would be appreciated.


Thanks, that should be enough to go on. I’ll make sure this gets fixed in the next update.

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