Notifications isn't working

It’s shame
Your released app on iphone that doesn’t have usual notifications for review cards.
I’m using Anki on both iPad and iPhone. I have Reminders turned “on” in the Settings tab within the app, and I have all Notifications enabled for Anki Pro in the iOS Settings.

Am I missing something or is this a known issue?

The app „Anki Pro“ has nothing to do with Anki.

I meant the paid Anki

The only thing paid is the AnkiMobile app for iOS, is that the one you mean, please confirm. I ask only because there is a fake “Anki” called Anki Pro, as seen in the screenshot.

What this link says about AnkiApp applies to Anki Pro as well. Assuming you are using the “Anki Pro” in the screen shot. Every “Anki” in this image is fake. There used to be one fake Anki, now there are at least 4, so this page may need to be updated.


I am using the AnkiMobile

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In that case, have you tried this?

Please also make sure you’re not force-closing the app, as it needs to be running in the background in order to schedule notifications.

I am not force-closing the app
It’s running in the background

Assuming you’ve already tried disabling+enabling the settings in AnkiMobile, please go into the iOS settings app, find Anki down the bottom and tap on it, tap on Notifications, and then please attach a screenshot of what you see.

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