Anki Mobile (iPad) 2.0.67 notifications not working

Hello, I’ve recently started using Anki mobile. I made a few cards In the first day and when I’d leave my iPad turned off I would get notifications telling me to review my cards. Now that I’ve made more cards and sub-decks I’m not getting notifications. The notifications are fully enabled in my settings, I’ve deleted Anki and re installed it, I’ve sorted the settings in Anki but they still don’t come through. My new cards steps are 25 1440 8640 and when I press 25 which is hard I don’t get any notifications after 25 mins, when I also press 1440 which is good I don’t get any notification after that day. However I feel like the issue is with my days starting and alert time. My day starts at 8am and alert time is 15:00. Can someone please help me I’m very confused as to why I’m not getting notifications :slight_smile:

iOS doesn’t allow apps to run in the background, so the notification is calculated in advance, when you leave the app. Anki looks at how many cards will be due at the start of the next day, and schedules the badge update to appear then - so changes that happen later in the day won’t be reflected.