Not so unique note types

Hello everyone!
I was trying to create a new Anki deck, and I had a style in one of my old templates that I wanted to use as a starting point. So I exported that deck, created a new profile, imported that deck into the new profile, deleted all the cards, and tweaked the template. I even gave my note type a new unique name and added some new entries, then I exported this deck.

When I switched back to my original profile and imported my new deck, I realized it took over the old one note types, even though they had different names!
Basic (and reversed card) and Basic (and reversed card)-updated
I managed to undo the changes, but now Iā€™m stuck wondering what to do with these new note types in my temporary profile?!

Notetypes like most objects in Anki have IDs to allow renaming without changing identity.

You can clone an existing notetype to get a copy with a distinct ID.


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