Too many basic types


I’ve always noted that note type come in translated names and I consider that bad. Recently thought I also noticed variants as in this picture:

I’d like to now why that happens and how to limit it.

That also happens on note types that I created programmatically in an addon (Fleex) and when I decided to add a field I realized there where at least 3 identical variants of my note.

How can I avoid having this mess?

Thanks in advance for your help


When you import a deck which note template name is already in your collection, Anki appends a random 5 hexadecimal string so you can import it without overwriting the existing templates. Usually, this occurs when importing shared decks where the user used a Basic type and modified something in the template.

In your case you perhaps you did the same. You exported and then imported at some time in the future after some edits in the template and that created multiple versions of it.

If the Basic templates do have the same layout, fields, and conditional creation (if any), you can change their note type to the default Basic.


Thanks Guillem, that’s most probably what happened. In fact I frequently export/import cards between 2 accounts (i don’t think there’s another viable way at the moment to share cards, namely I prepare cards for my little sun)… nevertheless I think there should be an option to say: “I trust this as a sane import, don’t multiply the note type, please…”