No new cards being shown with "introduced" feature

Hi and thank you for your help!

Over the last week when I have been doing new cards, they are not showing up as new in the introduced feature, nor are they appearing in the new card counter addon that I use. I manually reset some cards last week using the forget feature in browse before this began, and I am unsure how to fix the problem. When I noticed the problem, I searched on Google and Reddit for possible explanations but could not find anything related to the topic so I reached out to @AnKingMed for help and they too were unable to figure out what was causing this. They recommended tagging @dae and seeing if anyone on this forum would be able to help. Attached is a photo of what one of these cards info looks like.

Thank you!!

@dae I troubleshooted this with @dstein43 and couldn’t figure out why in their collection introduced:7 wasn’t showing anything despite them having done cards for the first time during the last week. I think it may be due to that “manual” thing in the info and figured it’s probably worth looping you in

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Currently, introduced simply looks at the very first revlog entry, which in this case is 2022-06-16. I assume you used Forget back then.
I see two ways in which we could improve things.

  1. Don’t create a revlog entry when forgetting a new card. Forgetting new cards may seem nonsensical in the first place, but in theory it could still be used to reset review counts.
  2. Ignore manual revlog entries when searching by introduction. This raises the question: Should conversions to review cards (Set Due Date) also be ignored?

Another argument could be made that the first review after the last Forget should be what matters. (I.e. a card that was introduced and forgotten / reset does not count as ‘introduced’ any longer.) But I’m not sure we can implement that reasonably fast.

Maybe #2? Agreed that stateful logic will have performance implications.

Hi and thank you all for your help! I just wanted to confirm that I understand correctly that there isn’t anything for me to do now, but hopefully, this will be addressed in an Anki update in the future?

Thank you!

Yes, future releases will ignore any manual reschedulings when determining when a card was introduced.
Unless you want to manually remove those revlog entries, you can only wait.


I am having the same issue. I’m also using the Anking deck and the New Cards Counter add on. the introduced search only brings up the cards that I have actually made (very small amount of my cards) and then done. I’m curently on anki 2.1.54 qt5. Is there something I can do to fix this at this point?
@dae @AnKingMed

Note: This is happening with all cards in my premade deck even cards that I have never done.

You’ll need to wait for the .55 release.

Thank you!