No backup after synchronisations - how to restore old version?

Hi there!

I used anki web as well as anki on my computer. I always got the message that it I either have to upload or download. So I clicked on one of the buttons and all my cards disappeared. I know that usually the file is in the backup folder, however, the last file is from yesterday and the first one is the new (synchronized) version.
There is no back up file of my work today.

I worked the whole day on it and created so many cards. Is there any was to reset the program to the old version or restore the file although is is not existing in the backup folder?

Thank you in advance!

I’m afraid you’re out of luck if there are no recent backups :frowning:

It seems Anki is supposed to take a backup when you click the download button, but this is not the case with recent versions. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

While no help to the original poster, 2.1.40 should fix the issue with backups not being created on download.