New Thai Read Hear Translate deck

A deck to learn Thai, based off the excellent Pocket Thai Vocabulary deck. (The author graciously gave me permission to use his content.) I also added a number of words myself, using audio synthesized by iOS’s text-to-speech feature.

This deck has some improvements over the original PTM deck:

  • Two new types of cards, one showing the English word on the front and the Thai on the back; and one with the Thai word without the audio, so you can practice reading
  • Words also appear in the modern Thai alphabet
  • Words now have links to the definitions, both to the website, and to the excellent iOS Thai-English Dictionary app.
  • Tags for every word, in case you want to study a specific category of vocabulary

The “Deep Links” appear by default on iOS. If you don’t have the Thai-English Dictionary app, you’ll need to modify the CSS to make the Web Links appear instead. The Web Links are shown by default on every other platform.