How to add TTS to your card template

Hey I’m quite new to the anki system but so far it’s been really useful in helping with my Thai language studies but I’m not experienced in using anki . I was wondering how do you add TTS to your card template … For example the “basic card” template it’s quite straight forward
{{tts th-TH voices=Apple_Narisa:Front}}


And that seems to work on the basic card template but when I try apply that to a different card template such as “THAI PHRASES “

{{Thai Audio}}

{{tts th-TH voices=Apple_Narisa:Front}}


I get this error ;

Is it possible to add the tts to the “Thai phrases” card template?

I strongly suspect your “Thai Phrases” deck doesn’t have a field called “Front”, does it?

In this case, front doesn’t refer to the front side of the deck but to the specific field, that contains the expression you want as Audio. In your template, change “Front” to “Thai” and you should be good.

Although I am a bit confused as you already seem to have a field called “Thai Audio” in the note type. Is that empty?


Wow that’s super cool!! :grinning: I was able to activate the built in tts for the Thai voice on my iPad, It makes such a huge difference in enabling you to learn a language. Thanks so much for quick feedback and support :v: :slightly_smiling_face: