Field Error for Text to Speech

Hi there - I’m trying to install arabic TTS on my Anki desktop app (and to sync with my phone). When I type in {{tts-voices:}} into the {{Front}} field in card templates I have lots of options presented including: {{tts ar_SA voices=Apple_Maged}}. However, when I copy and paste this into the {{Front}} field, I then get the following error message:

Front template has a problem:
Found ‘⁨{{tts ar_SA voices=Apple_Maged}}⁩’, but there is no field called ‘⁨tts ar_SA voices=Apple_Maged⁩’
More information

I’ve made sure my MAC is operating of the latest software, I have the latest version of Anki web and ive downloaded the latest, enhanced, Apple voice for ‘Maged’ but I’m still getting the same error message.

Is there anything else I can do/I’m doing wrong? any help/advice greatly appreciated!

This is the right syntax:

As you can see, you are lacking the field parameter (in my case “Italiano”)


If you want the Front field read out, add ‘:Front’ before the }}