Learning new Words from texts

I have juist bought the mobile IOS app. I expected that I could collect unknown words of a foreign language that I am learning. I had expected that I could begin right away. But at this moment I have not found a clue about what I must do, to easily transfer a word from a dictionary or from Safari into a deck. I only want a simple deck with the word in the language and the translation in my own language. I donot like having to program or doing something complicated.
Help, can I use Anki? Otherwise I have my money spent in vain!

Start by building a spreadsheet with the word(s) and translation in two columns, export it as a tab separated file (TSV). Or build it by hand. Look at various YouTube videos how to import content to a deck from TSV/CSV files.

Or then add in cards by hand, that also works if you only have a few words a day you add in.

Thank you. But that is already too difficult.
Question: if I would make a spreadsheet, could I then add content from Safari easily ( click and transfer immediately?)
And your suggestion for typing big hand: then I would have to do a lot: first look up the word, then copy the string, then go to the Ankiapp, add the copied explanation and typ in the unknown word ? Or do you suggest to drag the words from one app to the other?
For me to let it work it should be easy, not much work ( as I already have the work of learning) . The screen of the Ankiapp is also not very attractive.

I’m afraid it always takes a little bit of work to add entries in any application.

For entering information, a computer is still a more efficient way to do it than a phone, as you have a larger screen and a keyboard and mouse to use. If you have access to a computer, you might want to consider doing your card input using the free computer version of Anki, and using your phone primarily for study rather than input. You may also want to consider batching the task, eg accumulating new words in the Notes app when you’re on your phone, then adding them in bulk with your computer and copy&paste.