New image occlusion dosent work on latest vesion of android

Hi thanks for the update
I created image occlusion cards on the release candidate 2 but when i want to review my cards on my ankidroid 2.16.5 i keep getting this error:

Ankidroid still doesn’t support that feature.

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thanks for responding,damn,any idea when it will support the feature ?

The feature works (= these cards can be reviewed) on the pre-release version of AnkiDroid 2.17.

Thanks really appreciate for the response

I tested the new still doesn’t work.

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I’m so sorry. I must have misunderstood something.

not at all,thanks for the response my friend.

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2.17alpha2, supporting IO reviews, has just been released a coupe of hours ago. You might want to try it

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Unfortunately alpha2 is missing a change to make it work with I/O notetypes created with recent betas, so you may need to wait until alpha3.

thanks for the reply my friend.

thanks and really appreciate your efforts on this. Any idea when we might be able to create image occlusion cards on ankidroid like Anik mobile for iOS ?

Alpha 3 should hopefully not be too much longer.

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appreciate it my friend, i downloaded it and i can confirm that the issue is fixed. Any idea if creating image occlusion cards functionality will be implemented in ankidroid like ankimobile ?

Probably at one point.

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