Sync-problem with image occlusion (new card type)

I have a problem with the new cardtype “image occlusion”, that was created with the new update (Android v2.17).
I can create a card on my Ankidroid and add cards, but when I open the preview, it shows a blank card. On my Ankidroid app and on the Windows desktop app.

Thats the first problem I have with the inbuilt image occlusion.

The second problem is, that I can create a image occlusion card (with the new cardtype, not the add-on) on my Anki Desktop. I can even preview and learn the cards on my desktop app properly.
But somehow it doesnt sync like it should.
Because when I want to learn the image occlusion cards that i created on my desktop app, I cant open them on Ankidroid.
It either says, there where a sync problem and the image I used cant be shown on Ankidroid. Or it opens the card, but its again a blank card.

I hope someone can help me with this problem!

I think that those errors are telling you what you need to know. Those images haven’t synced yet. Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t think this is specific to that note type, you just need to make sure sync is completed before you try to study those cards. If the sync is failing – Syncing failed: Connection timed out errors when syncing - Frequently Asked Questions .

Your other issue sounds like a syncing problem, but this issue sounds like something the AnkiDroid devs may need to look into. If you can reproduce it, please report it on their issue tracker.

@Danika_Dakika @dae tanks for your help.
One of my problems mysteriously dissolved. The image occlusion cards I created on my desktop version are now visible on my Ankidroid.
So the sync problem seems to be solved.

But unfortunately my other (bigger) problem is still like I described.
All the image occlusion cards I create on my Ankidroid are only blank cards.

@dae you said my still existing problem sounds like the AnkiDroid devs should look into it.
Could you maybe describe what you mean with that?
I am not that deep in the Anki-game :smiley:
Since now I’ve never been in the situation that I needed to report an issue.
On top of that I dont have a error-code or something like that.

Just in case you couldn’t figure it out, you need to report the issue on Github. Create an account there if you don’t already have it. Then you can fill this up and submit it.