HELP|My image occlusion doesn't work on the latest Ankidroid

②image occlusion:1.4.0
(↓and this is my image occlusion App’s icon↓)

After I follow this App’s instruction and create a card, I can see the card but I can’t see the pictures I add in Ankidroid.

Like this↓

And these are my other settings↓

More detail↓

The top poster appears to be using a third-party tool that would send content to AnkiDroid. If it has broken in a recent AnkiDroid update, I’d recommend they contact the tool author and ask them to investigate. Please note that a future AnkiDroid update will get built-in support for image occlusions.


Thank for you help!I will keep an eye on Anki’s update.

The current workaround for the issue of AnkiDoodle seems to be here:

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