Image Occlusion Ankidroid v2.17

since the new update for Ankidroid was released I was hoping to be able to create image occlusion cards on my android tablet.
I read in the app description, that with the version v2.17, image occlusion is naturally included.
But unfortunately it isn’t working, i am still not able to create image occlusion cards.
I am hoping somebody can help me with that problem!

Thanks for your help

How it isn’t working? Could you provide more information about it?
Be sure to create or change the note type to Image Occlusion


Thanks a lot.
I found the problem, it was me.
I thought I could use the card type “image occlusion enhanced” (the one from the add-on), which I normally use. But i didnt think about the fact, that with the new update a new card type was created.
I found out because i saw your screenshot and noticed the diferent name for the new card type.
Plus, my anki is in german, and the new cardtype has a completly different name in german, than in english.
For the german people who have the same problem like me, the card type is called “Bildverdeckung”

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