New cards in a subdeck not all showing up

Alright so something weird happened and I have no idea how or what exactly happened. I’ll do my best to try to explain the situation.

I am using the AnKing medical deck. I watched 3 sketchy videos and unsuspended and completed the corresponding cards using hierarchical tags. I then watched a fourth video, which happened to be the last group of cards in its particular “tag” (bacteria), so rather than going to that specific video’s tag to unsuspend, I highlighted and unsuspended the larger overarching tag that included multiple videos. For some reason, this caused all of the cards from the previous three videos to revert to “new” as if I didn’t just complete them. Weird.

SO I figured I would just hammer the spacebar for those cards since I literally JUST did them all. Well, I realized that when I re-did those “new” cards for the second time, it was depleting new cards from an entirely separate deck (renal physiology), which was my only other subdeck that had a pile of news that I had been chipping away at.

I know this sounds confusing but basically bottom line is this:
-This morning I had 848 NEW CARDS in renal physio
-The Review Heatmap pie chart for the renal physio deck currently still shows that I have 848 new cards!
-The renal physio subdeck shows only 552 new cards on the main home page
-When I go to browse, all of the cards are there

SOMEHOW when I re-did those cards from the sketchy vids, it messed with the counting from a completely separate subdeck.

I have no idea how this got so messed up like this, and I have no idea how to go about fixing it. The fact that the cards are all present in the browse means they weren’t deleted, but I have no idea why they wouldn’t all show up in the number of news remaining for the renal physio deck. I’ve tried re-suspending and unsuspending with no success. Also if I go into renal physio on browse and suspend any one random new card, the 552 news doesn’t decrease to 551.

I tried to explain this as best as possible, but it is a very unique situation so I apologize if it is confusing. If anybody has any idea what could be happening or has any info on how I can fix this, I would appreciate it so much.

read through this thread and see if this is similar to your issue.

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