Anki "new" number only subtracting from one subdeck instead of all subdecks

I have my new card limit set to 30 and usually when I complete 5 new cards from one subdeck, that subdeck along with all other subdecks will show “25” new cards left. After completing 30 new cards, all subdecks will be at “0” for the day and I know I have completed my anki goal for the day.

Now, new cards are only being deducted from the specific subdeck that I am completing instead of all the subdecks

being deducted simultaneously which is really bothering me. I’ve had this issue before and it was due to my V3 scheduler (beta) being on, which I have turned off ever since. All of a sudden the issue is reoccuring again. I’ve tried looking up the issue plenty of times and I just can’t find the answer.

Has anyone found a solution to this? It would be greatly appreciated as it is annoying trying to keep up with my new cards.

By the looks of the screenshot, those are top-level decks, not subdecks.

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