Incorrect Number of New Cards

Hi All! Im currently running Version 2.1.49 of Anki.

I have individual deck options for subdecks to see a certain number/day. for “Zanki Current” it has the correct number of cards in new (145 + 128). However, in Zanki Completed, there should only be 82 (31+6+22+23) but it says that 226 new cards are due. I set the individual options to subdecks with 9999 reviews and my default is a very generic setting. Any clue to why this is being added incorrectly?

You can’t just tally the counts up like that, because each deck may have its own limits that get applied when you click on that specific deck.

I’ve already completed the daily limits for the subdecks based on their options. and it’s still showing up as a different number of new cards. I should be done but its not working properly.

Because the selected deck also limits the total number of cards that will be shown, you can not tally up the numbers meaningfully unless all decks have exactly the same limits. The number shown next to each deck only indicates how many cards will be shown when clicking on that specific deck.