New cards disappearing

I am using Sketchy Micro and Pharm right now. I have my new card limit set to 50 but as I go through them all my new cards disappear. I will get through maybe 10-15 new cards and will be reviewing them, and when it goes back to the new cards it will say I have 0 left for the day and won’t give me any new cards for the day. I have tried increasing the new card limit, and deselecting hide similar cards but it doesn’t add any new cards for me. It has been doing this for almost 2 weeks now and I should have finished the deck last week but now I’m afraid I won’t get through it because my test is in 7 days. I posted to the anki subreddit and no one replied. I really need help, thank you in advance.

Edit: My anki is up to date and when I go to the web site it shows the same, that I have 0 new cards.

Did you try this?

Which Anki version are you using exactly?

Is your problem related to just one deck? Does Anki work as expected with other decks?

Are you 100% sure that you still have new cards in the deck?

Did anki work as expected before? In that case, did you change your deck settings just before the problem appeared?

Can you post the deck you’re using?

Can you post your deck settings?

Anki version 2.1.44 Amboss addon version 0.6.2
It is related to two decks, Sketchy Micro and Sketchy Pharm.
I definitly have new cards because the next day it will show 50 new cards available and then do the same thing. My other decks seems to work fine.
The only thing I changed recently is I added an Amboss add-on. I’m not sure it was the same time as the decks starting to mess up.
I have review set to 0 right now because it keeps screwing up so I tried changing reveiws/new.

Does everything work as expected with other decks if you use the same deck settings on them?

I would try first that, just to check if the problem is related to your problematic decks or to your settings. Then, I would try to use standard settings (that “0” reviews a day looks definitely wrong) on your deck. Then I would try deactivating your addons, as described in the link above.

I’ll keep messing around with it. I have tried the startup without addons activated and it didn’t work and I’ve clicked default settings to get the deck to return to normal but that didn’t do anything either.

If you can share your deck here, maybe other users can check it.

How do I do that?

  1. Choose File → Export. Select Anki Deck Package (*.apkg) from the Export Format drop-down.
  2. Select the deck to be uploaded from the Include drop-down.
  3. Make sure that Include scheduling information and Include media are checked—otherwise you will have lost your review history and possibly your media when it comes time to use the deck again.
  4. Click Export and save the apkg file somewhere you can find it again.
  5. Finally, upload the deck from your collection (click on the image icon when texting [Upload].

modified steps from Hiding Decks - Frequently Asked Questions

Update, I don’t know what I did but it let me get through all the cards today. Just going through changing stuff based on what y’all said must have fixed it. Thanks for the help, hopefully it’s fixed for good.

For future reference, I don’t think decks can be uploaded to the forums - they need to be shared via a third-party sharing site or something like a Google Drive link.