All cards disappeared from decks?

I’ve just started using Anki and typed in the first 40 MCQ cards. I set up a few different folders and I was doing different decks. I added some cards to a deck, closed the deck and on the home screen all decks are gone. The folders are all still there, but “0” cards in any. I selected browse and since I’d tagged all cards, I can see all the cards are still there in the background.

How can I get the cards back and working again?

Please, read this:


Thank you - but I am trying to create a heap of cards for the new decks - I understand if I want to be tested there may be a limit on that in terms of cards to be reviewed on that day - but I’m just wanting to add cards to the deck and “0” cards are showing. I went into the “Browse” area and found the data of the 40 cards is still there - I then found a setting that was cards were set to “20” new cards per day - I increased that to 100 - then 20 of the cards became visible in one folder, but not the cards in the other folders?

The count shows the remaining number of new cards to review for today that’s set on your deck options. You can still add cards as much as you want,