Cards disappearing - no longer available in deck

Hi, I recently downloaded a card deck online and have been going through that.

I found out that some of the new cards would completely diseappear after seeing them once/after I hit ‘again’ once or twice.

The deck’s new cards/day is set at maximum and bury new siblings is unchecked. My learning steps are 1m 10m 1d 3d. The leech action is set to ‘tag only’. I’m using version 2.1.54

What is really weird is that when I go to browse through the deck - some of the cards have completely disappeared and I can’t find them at all when I’m browsing.

This deck has multiple subdecks. Each time I work through a sub-deck, 4-5 cards will completely disappear (i.e. I can’t view them in browse) but the majority are fine. I sometimes edit the cards (for spelling errors etc.) and so far, all the cards that have disappeared, are ones that I’ve edited. However, heaps of the other new cards that I’ve edited have been fine.

I’m really not sure what’s causing this, so any perspectives would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Are you using any add-ons?

Yes. I have two: Image Occlusion Enhanced and Delay Overdue Cards

Could you try to reproduce this issue without add-ons (also, it’s probably a good idea to make a backup)?

Sorry I’m a bit new to this Anki thing, so I’m not too sure what you mean by reproducing the issue. Do you mean that I should remove the add-ons, try go through another subdeck and see if the issue persists?

And also, by making a backup are you referring to exporting the deck?

You can simply disable them in the Add-ons menu. This will behave like if you had deleted them as soon as you restart Anki, and until you enable them again. It’s more practical than deleting your add-ons as this won’t erase any existing configuration, and it’s easier to restore them afterwards.

Besides that, yes, I am asking you if you can recreate this issue even without add-ons. This is because add-ons are developed by third parties, over which the Anki development team has no control. This means that they could introduce any kind of bugs (even unrelated to their functionality), and if the issue lies in an add-on, the only one that can help you is the author of the add-on.

See the manual for all the kind of backups Anki offers, and how to create / restore them.

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I’ve tried doing what you suggested and that does seem to be the problem. None of the cards have disappeared since I disabled the add-ons.

Looks like I’ll be needing to reach out to the authors if possible. Thanks for your help!

You can try locating the problematic add-on by enabling only half of the add-on, seeing if the problem is still there or not, and then do that again on correct half of the add-ons.

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I did try that but it seemed like both add-ons were causing the fault. I then was looking through the card type and I discovered that the Cloze cards from the downloaded deck were modified a bit.

I tried changing the note type to a normal cloze deletion and then tried to reproduce the probem but there wasn’t any issue. So, I think the issue was probably the card type.

Thanks for all your help :smile: