New cards disappear if moved to a new deck


I wonder why the new cards count disappear if I move the file to another deck or even better if I have the option to import a file straight to a specific deck.

Please refer to the screenshot.

Additional screenshot


because all cards in “16vlanspart1” are new, and you have probably reached your daily new card limit in “CCNA Jeremy IT Lab”.
so when you move the “16vlan…” deck to “CCNA…” deck, those new cards can’t show. because you reached your new card limit in the parent deck (CCNA…)

here’s another topic related to yours. read it, you’ll most likely get your answer. if you didn’t, just ask for more explanation :wink:


Thanks! Solved and now I wonder if I can configure so that next time I import a file it goest straight to that new deck

as i write my notes in anki, i don’t really know much about importing.

but if your deck is .apkg, then it will get imported as a new deck (or will get merged if you already had that deck) and there’s no way to force it into another deck when they’re not the same decks.

if your file is .txt, there’s a dialog in which you can choose what deck you want to import those cards to.

again, i don’t know much about importing. so there might be ways to do what you want to do that i don’t know of.